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    APCON provides a complete range of services and total solutions for office interior design projects

    where we will walk beside you from the very beginning till completion to deliver to you the office interior design and renovation needs.

    Starting with consultation on office interior design needs till the finalization of layouts which aim to 

    maximize a space’s potential, and finally concluding with a transformation of your office space

    into a brand new and professional image.


    Our experience in Office Interior Design help us understand each and every clients’ individual requirements for their office interior design, accompanied by bringing out their corporate and industry image.
    We create and design UNIQUELY for you.

    Corporate Image is a very important part of a company these days. A good Corporate Image reflects the REPUTATION & PUBLIC PERCEPTION of a company.

    We are BIG on corporate image, as we believe in the long-term value of a brand that speaks volume of a company.

    We take every effort to ensure that our office interior design blends in the corporate identity and at the same time enhances it further to make it loud and clear.




    . Space Planning .

    . Office Interior Design .

    . Project Management .



    . Partition & Glass Works .

    . Ceiling Design Works .

    . Hacking & Tiling Works .

    M & E



    . Electrical Works .

    . Fire Sprinkler Works .

    . Air Conditioning & Plumbing .




    . Cost Budgeting Control .

    . Site Coordination .

    . Design & Build Management .



    . Office Furniture .

    . Custom Made Furniture .

    . Chairs & Sofa .



    . Carpet & Laminate Flooring .

    . Wallpaper Works .

    . Window Blinds & Curtains .



    . Structural & Fire Submission .

    . M&E Submission .

    . Submission to Management .



    . Reinstatement Works .

    . Protection & Hoarding Works .

    . Hacking & etc .



    We are both a manufacturer and supplier for all kinds of system furniture from home to office interior design use.


    Furniture is directly manufactured and imported from our neighboring country base on our interior design requirements. Each product has their individual style and size meant to directly suit a client’s office interior design needs.


    We select only the most suitable colour and material that adapts to the company image and branding. Whether it is a standard work station or a custom-made cabinet you desire, we can make it happen.


    As your manufacturer, your needs are taken care of from quantity to quality.


    As our client and partner, you can be assured to receive continuous service and support from our team, ranging from after-sales support to having an additional table or chair.


    Instead of purchasing furniture off-the-shelve, we build and create exactly what you need. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our factory price and quality.

    We hold a wide range of office furniture and chairs with different color choices for your office configuration.

    We have our professional team of installers hence lead time for delivery of furniture & chairs will always be within your expectation.

    We can also assist you on office layout planning and headcount optimization for your current usage and future expansion.

    Let us know your concern now …





    We are able to configure different shapes of table to suit office requirement and layout. Other than Rectangular shape, you can choose to have something different . Tell us your requirement and we will be able to mix and match for you.





    Equipped with CNC machines, we are able to produce table and cabinets of various sizes based on your requirement and design. With this advantage, you can definitely get the dimension you look for. Share with us your office layout and ensure and tell us more about your requirement.





    Type of material plays an important role in office concept designs. Wide range of table material and texture for your selection to ensure that the outcome will be what you are looking for.  Feel free to check with us the latest material and the current popular colour trends





    With our professional design team, we are able to help our clients select trendy colours and suitable fabric materials to make sure they are coherent with the entire office concept.We are always ready to assist our client on the selection to ensure you have a lively office.


    As an Office Interior Design Specialist, it is our pride to deliver a complete end-to-end solution from office interior designing to renovation, building your clients’ desired work space.


    Depending on your needs, be it Office furniture, walls designs, lighting or the full end-to-end office interior design package, APCON professionally manages all require office interior design works, renovation, not to mention paperwork and submission, ensuring the process is totally hassle free.


    With APCON in-house design specialists, we will provide an in-depth study of your design needs, and furnish you our layout planning and 3D perspective for the best visualization to show you the ultimate outcome.


    In order to commit to our clients that “WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET”, close-monitoring and control by our design & project teams during the renovation phase will be executed.


    Backed by a strong team of skilled specialists, clients can rest assured that the project will be well taken care of by our professionalism and enthusiasm.





    We help to plan the budget for all projects with our sincere advice and professionalism to give our client a peace of mind. With our expertise and total solutions, we ensure that our proposal always meets our client’s budget and expectation.




    Based on close study and analysis of cultural behavior, the total solution and design delivered will reflect the client’s the future business perspective. We develop the layout plan tailored to their occupancy plan and by implementing the right design concept to ensure the outcomes blend in with the corporate identity.




    After design phase, we will choose and propose carefully the right colour and material for our client. Detailing will be prepared by design team before goods are constructed to ensure that the outcome is per client’s requirement, bearing in mind ergonomic design and practicality as key considerations.




    Before works are carried out on-site, work schedule will be formulated by our project team. This is to ensure that all works can be executed to meet the timeline so that the client will be able to move in on time. We have always been able to meet our client’s time frame thus far, by charging our project team to supervise the sites.




    We supervise projects to ensure all works carried out according to schedule and always update our client on the progress during renovation stage. Site Supervision is crucial to ensure work is done in a timely manner without compromising safety of the workers.




    After sales services is very important for all projects. Minor alterations or addition of few workstations is not an issue for APCON. Our clients can put their mind at ease as they are assured of continuous service and support; customer satisfaction is not just lip service but guaranteed.