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    Sprawling across the entire floor of a class-A office building in bustling CBD of Singapore, the new office is designed to serve the growing needs of the Singapore team. It includes both open and private workstations, a collaborative all hands space and town hall, conference rooms and a luxurious open café in the centre, alongside futuristic product displays that echoes the company’s strength and pharmaceutical wonders. The office is an Open Concept that proffers transparency among team members and the stunning view of Singapore’s premiere cityscape. The design objectives for the office were to create a space that reflected the demanding nature of the work being done but also reflect their energy and positivity. The main entrance is the company’s first opportunity to welcome visitors, patients, and guests and it was important that this space feel warm, and comforting, rather than corporate or even medical in the traditional sense.

    33,000 sq ft

    . Asia Square Tower 2 .